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Monday, February 20, 2006


New Comic and it's Late!

I have today's comic! You, however, do not. I'll update after today's shoot.

I promise.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


New comic! AND it's EARLY!

Yes - early. You read right. I'll be on a shoot so I'm uploading this strip early for YOU! Things are back to gray now with some changes. I do shadowing to make my art look cooler. Thank you all for the support. And thank you all for the kind reception I've gotten over the past few strips. You seem to like what I am doing and I do as well!


I will be putting hand-drawn art on eBay this coming week. If you would be interested in bidding, let me know! If you would be interested in buying original artwork, tell me!

Thank you all and please - get some sleep for me.

Friday, February 10, 2006


End Of Storyline

And I edited the comic a bit. I didn't like my background work so I went back this morning and made some elaborations in the scenery. I do this for you. Because my love for you is so strong...

So, next week, new story. Seems like Vexxarr is picking up quite the menagerie. I promise it won't become Yogi's ark or something stupid. I will say that there is yet another character in the works. I'll spoil nothing but I'll give you a hint: sesquicentennial...

Read on dear readers and I'll see you Monday!

Please contact/annoy/ chastise me in our resplendent FORUMS...

Sunday, February 05, 2006


It's Always Something!

This is the comic for Monday the 6th of February. I'm at the Bonaventure in Weston Florida and they have some form of evil firewall that prevents me from uploading the comic for today with any speed or reliability. I can see the FTP site. I just can't upload or list.... or I couldn't...until I found a hack for recalcitrant firewalls...

So here is Vexxarr for Monday the 6th. I'll try to get the archives up too...but the way the firewall is acting, don't hold your breath.


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