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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


The Mighty 200 !

Yes, today marks, by my counting, the 200th strip. Many of you may go back through the archives and point out that this is actually the 202nd or the 199th or even the 10^104th or some nonsense but it's my strip and as I number the text files that mark the dialog, I'm up to 200.

So this marks the official 200th strip of Vexxarr!

A celebration is in order. So in celebration, please contact Buffalo Rock and tell them that my supply of Diet Code Red is running low. As I calculate my stockpile, I have one month of life left on this plane of reality.

But seriously.

To celebrate, I have scheduled a two month hiatus - so you guys can take a break from my terrible, terrible comic...

But REALLY seriously.

I have prints in the works. Two miniposter sized prints (approximately 12" x 24" glossy color) are in the works. One is a cutaway view of Vexxarr's ship and hyperdrive sabot. The other is Bleen anatomy. That's right, soon you will learn to know your flam.

I'll make quantities and prices available soon. And don't give up on those T's yet...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Delays Excuses and one measly comic...

Sorry for the late post...but procrastination, a delayed shoot and a nasty computer virus conspired against me.

First of all Media Motor - they claim to be an internet advertising entity. They are criminals. These people have a DirectX drive-by that is unremovable. Fortunately it only infects Internet Explorer while I use Firefox. Still the only solution that I can find is a full and absolute hard drive wipe and Windows reinstall.

But for more important matters: Diet Code Red

What have you done for me today?

Buffalo Rock Sales of Birmingham, Alabama: (205) 940 9799

And how to reach them:

Physical Address

111 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Need Directions? Click here!

Mailing Address

Buffalo Rock Company
P.O. Box 10048
Birmingham, Alabama 35202

Or as a last resort...

Friday, April 14, 2006


Red Alert!

Diet Code Red has been discontinued by the Buffalo Rock Bottling company!

You know what this means...

My life is now only as good as the number of cans of this life-giving elixir left in the state of Alabama.


IF you want more Vexxarr.


IF you want ME to draw THEM.


...must beg, cajole, force, convince, trick or otherwise influence Buffalo Rock to continue producing my brain fuel.

Some of you may consider this to be an unfair ultimatum for my readers and fans I see it...if you can't abuse your position of influence...why get up in the morning?

Here's how to help:

Buffalo Rock Sales of Birmingham, Alabama: (205) 940 9799

A list of their management and Robber Baron executives

And how to reach them:

Physical Address

111 Oxmoor Road
Birmingham, Alabama 35209
Need Directions? Click here!

Mailing Address

Buffalo Rock Company
P.O. Box 10048
Birmingham, Alabama 35202

Or as a last resort...

What are you staring at this text box for?


Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Double Wednesday!

Half the fun!!!

Thought I'd build a little perspective into the noodley psych of our beloved Sploorfix (the eye-stalk-thingy). His motivation has been somewhat a source of frustration for me. I figure he (it) has a mixture of Stockholm syndrome and hero worship. Not that Sploorfix is a hostage...he's (it's)...actually more of a political refugee. He and Vexxarr are both pawns of their respective higher authorities (higher being an extremely relative value). That commonality will be expanded upon in the near future.

Until then, silliness.

And possibly even after...

Sunday, April 09, 2006


No Update for Monday.

Vexxarr will be back Tuesday evening with two strips for Wednesday!

I wound up working all weekend (and I mean ALL weekend) hence, Monday's strip will be late. But rest assured that when Wednesday rolls around the front page will have two strips as is becoming my habit.

I'd try to ply your sad hearts with promises of color...but I think that they will all be in color from now on.

I like seeing the green in Vexxarr's makes me giddy with joy.

Monday, April 03, 2006



And it's still MONDAY!

Imagine that...

Also, I've run into the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax again. It purports to show that Americans are so woefully ignorant of their basic chemistry education that they don't even know the name for water when they hear it (or read it as is the case for the internet hoax). Who can blame them...since
Dihydrogen Monoxide isn't really the common scientific name for water. I was always partial to hydrogen hydroxide in chemistry but there are others.

So...color from now on??? Hmmm...?


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