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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Data safe. Vexxarr Safe. Hunter Poor.

The cost of being a sole proprietorship I guess. Apart from the abysmal grammar of yesterday's whine, all things ended well. New strip Monday (mine - not yours Australia). I think I may actually turn my upstairs TiVo-like PC into a server. I can keep a JBOD on it and just back my data up from the ravenous Mac to the relatively serene PC environment. As I said before, I'd never want to edit on a PC professionally but I'd never run a Mac server. It's like using a lion as a sheepdog.

Or a Tiger, maybe...

Friday, September 29, 2006


Drive down! Vexxarr late!

It's not what you think. It's worse. My work drive is sick. I'm desperately trying to move data from my LaCie Big Disk onto a new Big Disk I just acquired for this very purpose. It's a slow and tense process. I'll have Vexxarr up tonight...

See, I do Vexx on a PC. PC's chew up operating systems. Mac's chew up drives. It's just one of those things you have to deal with as a Mac owner. Problem is, when your OS goes belly up. Assuming you've instituted safeguards like multiple hard drives in your PC, none of your data goes away. When your hard drives are constantly under the barrage of needless internal data management like in say...a Mac. Well, you're screwed.


If I can keep my old LaCie alive long enough to x-fer 460GB of my life, blood and tears to my new LaCie. I'll be in the clear. You know, I just had an idea: Maybe I should use a PC as a server and backup for my Mac data. See cuz on a PC when you aren't using the drive...the computer isn't using it either.

Are you listening Apple?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Print Shoppe Works!

* EDIT *

Remember that each print comes with a paragraph from me explaining exactly "...just what the hell I was thinking..." at the time I drew the strip. That alone should be worth the roughly ten US bucks.

* EDIT *

I have early confirmation that everything works as promised through Paypal. While it is not necessary to have a Paypal account, it does make things easier.

My only word of warning, it is NOT necessary to become a "verified" Paypal member nor should you. This involves giving them permission to make bank drafts directly from your checking account. Don't do it. The only complaints I find about Paypal center around incorrect bank drafts and Paypal's sluggishness to investigate and correct these matters. All Paypal needs is a credit card and should an unverified charge be levied to your card, you can challenge the charge and most likely, considering Paypal's past, your card will side with YOU.

Anyway, the payment button is safe. I get none of your credit information. I do get your request, your order number and your address. So if you buy a print, it will arrive at your door via post. Original artwork works the same way but I need an email with your order number so that I draw Vexxarr in exactly the sort of nighty you had in mind.

So buy my prints.

Monday, September 25, 2006


Print Shoppe Open!

It is!

Some clarification first:

Ok, Paypal doesn't offer a demo walkthrough for the vendor (me) to examine the experience of the buyer (you). So I don't know what to expect. What it should do is ask (1) for your address, ask for (2) the date and title(s) of the comics you want and give you (3) a unique numeric identifier.

At the end of your purchase, I ask you to email me through the link provided and send me all that info as well. If you include the time you made the purchase, I'll have no trouble pairing you up with your purchase even if you don't have a unique numeric identifier. Either way, if you email me, I'll send out a print. No questions asked.

I would also like you guys to share the experience with me so that I can make it better.

Don't be confused by the six options. It boils down to this:

2 options for a print: domestic and foreign
2 options for a colorized print: domestic and foreign
2 options for original artwork: domestic and foreign

Yes, I will update all the black and whit archives with the colorized artwork. So yes, eventually you won't have to pay me to colorize a print. Why am I charging you to have my archives colorized? Someone has to do it. And if you don't pay me to, let's face it, I'll simply never get around to it. If you pay me 10 to 14 US dollars, I'll feel OBLIGATED to color them. Eventually they'll all be in color and a nicer dither pattern and the colorize option will go the way of the Dodo.

If you hate your artwork, I'll offer a make-good at least once. If you really hate your artwork, I may offer my wrath. Or a cookie. Depending.

So buy my artwork and I'll eventually quit my dayjob and pump out happy alien goodness seven days a week.


Thursday, September 21, 2006


New Comic! New Store!


No....not quite yet. But almost as good. Prints and cards suitable for framing. Original artwork by request. Naked images of Sploorfix. Heady stuff, I assure you. But if this does well, T-shirts will not be far behind. It's called seed money.

I'm setting up the account and it will go live soon. I had planned it to go live today...but work precluded any such rash action. See, you guys need to subsidize my work so I can dish out the Vexx 24/7. Believe me, If I could draw Vexxarr full time, you guys would get a new strip 24/7/365. I mean that.

So new comic. And a new blending option in photoshop. People have asked me why I do not post a tutorial on the creation of the Vexxarr strip. I always answer...because no one wants to see sequential jpegs of a grown man weeping at a drafting table.

And so it is true...

Saturday, September 16, 2006


That was a rough week...

And I get one day off then turn it around again. More work. More comics. More Diet Code Red.

None of this should concern you. What it SHOULD do is compel you to click the web comic list banner and leave them a piece of my mind on the Vexxarr page there. Heck, maybe you should sign up and vote for Vexxarr!

So far I haven't asked for donations or even offered far. The very thought of banner ads makes me ever so slightly ill. So all I dream about at night are new comments in the community BB or on the webcomicslist to make my inner child squeal. It really does squeal.

Most annoying.

Anyway enjoy the banner week of comic goodness and look forward to another...

...banner week of comic goodness.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


There will be a Friday Vexxarr

A Late Friday strip is in the works! Hopefully those in the US will see it before leaving work today! Those of you across the globe...not so much!

And as always it will be late. I picked up some work this week. A lot of work. And those of you familiar with my chosen career - please try to respect he restraining order and keep out of my bushes...

For those of you less familiar with my job - and therefore my shrubs - I'm a freelance video production entity. I shoot, direct, produce, edit...basically I'm an A/V whore. And this week my Johns have been banging at the door. But you know this because I hear you outside my window. Anyway, I've edited two long format projects, shot a commercial and retagged some PSA's I did about a year ago. Am I complaining? No. This means cash. But I am telling you guys that while I have pledged to do three strips a week until every proton in this universe may actually have to see a few decay before I give you all three strips.

In short...late Friday strip...but it's on the way.

Sorry for the long-winded and equally pitiful excuse...but I'm punchy.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Better, but tired.

And I still find time to spin you another comic.

Where is my thanks?

Anyway, I can't say I plan to make a habit out of yesterday's offering. But if the moment moves me...I may give in to the mood. And for those who asked...I did indeed pen that missive myself. It's accessible through the archive page. I'm not sure if I'll make it available as a strip in it were.

Well today marks the return to story. And I still plan to update Wednesday and Friday.

Who loves ya' Babe?

Friday, September 08, 2006


Still Sick...

But recovering. Note the new comic. It cost me six years of my life. I hope you're happy...

Lots of news on the homefront. Many of you have wondered why there is no Vexxarr store yet. I can say with confidence that the store is almost ready. I simply had to reconcile aligning myself with a force I had previously relegated to the shadow realm. Not the cool, sexy shadow realm...the other one.

Anyway, keep an eye on this spot. And try not to keep your expectations too high...

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Sick, Tired and Recovering...

To say it has been a long weekend would be to call Michael Bay a bad director. Now I have a fever and a sinus infection to show for my efforts. To this end, Monday's is delivered unto the masses and Wednesday's has been written, drawn and scanned. As it is 3:21am where I draw oxygen, I'm going to sleep and THEN color, letter and upload Wednesday's. It's worth the wait I promise...and it features yet another silicone life form.


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