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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Sao Tome and Principe

OK, so I use Stat Counter to keep up with you guys. And there is a fun feature that lets me monitor you in real time with a map (and I can see you in your underwear too...). I see that I have readers in Scandinavia, Germany, England, Australia and across the US. I even have readers in Ukraine, Russia and a lone reader on the Isle of Man. Sometimes I give what the man in the street would call a 'shout-out'. Although when I use that exact turn of phrase I taste bile...

Excuse me. *ahem*
Anyway I have noticed that I have a mystery reader, off the coast of Ghana, Africa near Sao Tome. The only problem is that there is no land mass associated with the marker. Of course I have constructed elaborate fantasies involving oil platforms, man-made archipelagos or Bond-villain-style undersea fortresses with missiles and henchmen in silver jumpsuits but I'm curious to know the truth. Who are you, where are you reading Vexxarr from and why do you make your henchmen wear silver jumpsuits?

Actually, when you have time, I'd love for you guys to drop into our forums and send a message about where all of you readers are from and how the heck you found this comic while surfing the web in Siberia.

Yes. Seriously.

Friday, February 08, 2008




Soon, they will move your way!

I am SO sorry about the delay. The long wait is now a short one. I am dedicating myself to the movement of Vexxarr Merch exclusively tomorrow.


If you were awaiting a shirt or a print - tomorrow is the day!

...that they ship. God knows when they will actually arrive. At least after tomorrow it won't be my fault.

Have I mentioned that I love each and every one of you?

Sunday, February 03, 2008


Catching Up

Yes, I'm overburdened with freelance work and trivial issues in my life. For those of you who have not completely abandoned me in my time of extremity, you have noticed some of my Youtube offerings. Chief among these video morsels is my old Mac Parody Crash Different. In between actual work and what little time I allot myself for food, exercise and sleep, I have been defending the veracity of the issues raised by the Mac rant. After some semantical back-and-forth, I found out that despite a finite population on this planet, some of you are seeing the damn thing for the first time. I shall repeat here what I should have said up front on my Youtube space: Crash Different is five years old. Some of the gripes I outline in that narrative have actually been addressed by Apple (shocking though that may be). SO if you have a quibble over my quibbles, try to keep them in the proper context...'s the internet. No one cares.


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